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Daniel j Harris in the Guest Chair on #25 Creativity Talks with my Good Friend Martyn Bell

March 31, 2015
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Creativity Talks with Matryn Bell is a podcast that revels in the art of conversation. Interviews with creative people, forget tough questions, this is a catch up over coffee. Everyone is welcome. Episodes to air fortnightly on Saturdays. You can subscribe, download & listen to the show on iTunes & podomatic. Tweet me @creativitytalks & find us on Facebook.

You can reach Maryn at: martyn.s.bell (AT) gmail (DOT) com

“It absolutely was a Pleasure, an Honor & a Joy to hang out and talk with Marty.
I totally mean that. The bass line quiz were a blast and I need to listen again to
hear what I got wrong and how close it was to what I guessed. I hope my 11 year old
niece listens and I hope that anyone that reads this does too. One day I would like to
be on again only this will be plush, on live air at the BBC. No question my good friend
Marty will be there, I’m just hoping to keep pace so I will too! “   ~ D the French Horn Player



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