SoupyGato Smoke Break,

8 The SoupyGato Smoke Break (Rated R)

July 22, 2015
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8 The SoupyGato Smoke Break (Rated R for Adult Language)
Recorded 22-7-15
Posted 22-7-15
Due to my operation and all the tech issues I used some 4 letter Vocabulary.

Critical Bill – Who The F*ck
Dave – Give You & 5 to kill Freebird
Kung Fu Lovers – Don’t Be Afraid of Detroit

Bacchus Baracus – F*ck Knows Men
Arms of Tripoli – Velcro Thunder F*ck
theZim & Arock – F*cked On You
Run The Jewels ft Zach Del La Rocha – Close Your Eyes (And count To F*ck)
Adam Balbo – F*cked Up As It Is

484 tomorrow, and things are getting back on track!
Please be cool..
Please be wise…
Daniel j Harris
The SoupyGato Show
Daniel j Harris
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The Download option has been fixed as well as the email address typo and even getting theZim correct, terrible sorry theZim it won’t happen again, until someone else does it :)Hope Ya’ll dig the show and 484 The SoupyGato Show a bit later tonight.

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