SoupyGato Smoke Break,

6 The SoupyGato Smoke Break with Cellist Max Lilja

April 27, 2015
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Max Lilja joins me to talk about his amazing new cd Morphosis and a lot more 🙂

We truly hope you enjoy this candid uncut (ok the 3 mins we ran to get coffee was removed), unscripted talk with virtuoso cellist and just a cool cat Max Lilja and pop on back Donderdag for 475 The SoupyGato Show and again next week another crazy-cool talk with Dirk VerSchure the creator of Dirk’s Bunny Book & Daily Bunny Blog   soooo… please be cool & wise & I promise to do the same  …Do Doie Do~`wAH….. Daniel j Harris  see ya….



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