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526 The SoupyGato Show

August 26, 2019
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Reverend Beat-Man FT The New Wave ~ I Have Enough
6 String Drag ~ The Change Up
The Dip ~ Advertising

Santana ~ Los Invisibles
Lonny Viblat ~ Otta Sight
Navaria ~ Finally Free

A Tribe Called Red FT Black Bear ~ The O.G.
Wild Belle ~ Everybody One Of A Kind
The Dip ~ She Gave Me The Keys

Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia ~ Pero Te Amore (But I Love You)
Beat Antquic & The String Cheese Incident ~ Bhangra Saanji

The episode artwork created by my long-time dear friend Sugar Weasle aka Dougal Wayne Wright

’Candy Floss Kid’
original Art by Douglas Wright

Candy Floss Kid was the second cousin of Sir Graves Ghastly, on his Auntie Tilly’s side. He had a syndicated Wild West Radio Show in the 1920s and later tried to revive his career as a horror show host in the 1960’s until it was discovered that he was an actual vampire and was subsequently released from his contract. He now resides somewhere in West Texas under an assumed name. We Americans have always enjoyed the singing cowboy genre in film and Television but draw the line when it comes to bloodthirsty ghouls.

Limited edition Prints are finally available of the Candy Floss Kid, those who preordered from the States, it’s typically 7-10 day delivery, I’ll dm you tracking numbers once I’ve made it to the post, appreciate your patience. 😉


Tell’em SoupyGato sent ya and get $5.26 off 


Well, this show sure did take a bloody long time to post. I had it totally recorded a month ago and crash-bang-powwey the tower cam a crumblen down. I do hope you dig the music and wow-wee do we have a ton. Dysexlic Danny is Doing Dutch and that is the title to my crazy life but we plan to get a clear path drawn to develop to take the best of what already has been created and ….. well I am very grateful to have my M8 Max Hamer join forces. His name only is very cool to add to the mix. Would also like to throw some sun on The Sherriff. Always learning better ways to create and develop websites but also one of the kindest and sweetest souls out there. Sharif Zaman aka The Sheriff is one bad dude!

Well, I hope you enjoy the music, support the artists in spotlight and though I admit I am totally biased, 110% but have damn good reason to be!

Please be cool..

Please be wise…


Daniel j Harris

The SoupyGato Show
(just ask for address if you need it, same with phone)



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