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September 19, 2018
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Pick’en On ~ The Eye Of The Tiger
The Mutineers ~ Drugs For That
!Pendeje! ~ Flotadora

Baptist Generals ~ Turnunders & Overpasses
Basement Freaks ~ The Calling
BloodSugar ~ Pay It Back
The Steel Drivers ~ Sticks That Made Thunder

Young Fathers ~ Fee Fi
9 Theory ~ Beaches
Yaysh ~ Daep
Wye Oak ~ I Know It Real

Woody Gutherie ~ Dig A Hole
Will Varley ~ All Those Stars
Baptist Generals ~ Floating

October 1st is my not dead day and in moderation of it there will be an
Ask Me Anything Live Event
You can, and folks already have been asking questions so plz have at it!

I would be so incredibly thankful if you give The Looney Bin Journal a look and a chance..

NagMet’s Water is Conscience is again available thanks to Jongleur Publishing, Big Thank You To Gary Revel!
Located on all the usual suspects (itunes, spoterflies, ect)

I really hope you enjoy the music and it adds a little something to what it is you be doing..

please be cool
please be wise
Daniel j Harris (LIKE US) (personal)

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