The Soupygato Show,

517 The SoupyGato Show

April 19, 2018
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Church of The Cosmic Skull  ~  Cold Sweats
Todd Snider  ~  Joe’s Blues & Talin Seattle Grunge
Delta Deep  ~  Down In The Delta

Osyron  ~  Giefmaker
Coolzey  ~  Bit by Bit
Church of The Cosmic Skull  ~  Aero Planes & Silver Moons
Carolyn Gains  ~  I’m Your Cat, … Baby

Delta Deep  ~  Treat Her Like Candy
Coolzey  ~  Unknown
The Kumari  ~  Bundy’s Butterfly

Funkin Basstards FT Kid Stretch with Selecthah Kat  ~  People Under A Snare

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