The Soupygato Show,

515 The SoupyGato Show

February 25, 2018
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Hart   ~   Wisdom

Miserable Les   ~   Spider
Ben Reel   ~   Meant To Be
GutterCats   ~   A Trip Down Memory Lane

FreeWorld   ~   Deeper By The Minute
Fil Cambell & Tom McFarland   ~   We’ll Get There When We Get There
Armando Garzon   ~   Chan Chan

Miserable Les   ~    Cul-de-sac
The Scills   ~   It’s What It Is
Ben Reel   ~   Cosmic Shift

The Scills   ~   Rainbow
Fil Cambell & Tom McFarland  ~   Until We Meet Again
GutterCats   ~   (Beyond the Limits) Before I Die
Miserable Les  ~   Loop de Poop

Ben Reel   ~   Bohemian Grove


Over the past month, I have been so fortunate to be in contact with some very wise and flat out cool peoples.

I will add more to this soon but want to get this show but as it is late already, please be cool, wise & enjoying… 🙂

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