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January 06, 2018
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Juiceboxxx ~ Lifers & Losers

Dave Arcari ~ No Easy Way
Cody Carpenter ~ Nebulous Is The Power
Charly Bliss ~ Gatorade

Starlite Cambell Band ~ Shimmy
Jack Scannell ~ Inner Edge
Juiceboxxx ~ Freaking Out

Big Tobacco Company ~ Fork
BloodSugar ~ Pay It Back
Charly Bliss ~ Julie

Cody Carpenter ~ Jinnrai Fuuretsu
Starlite Campbell Band ~ Blueberry Pie
Jack Scannell ~ Chilled

Dave Arcari ~ One Side Blind
Big Tobacco Company ~ Doom Shroom

Want to thank all the amazingly talented artists on this week (and every week). Like most folks that listen to or even read the playlist to a music podcast I have headphones on like Mtv should still be. I get looked at and smiled at (not before class but after, D’s not a morning dude by any means, never ever have been through I can train to be at least respect and functionalbe & yeah I made that up). Never a Pete Townsend with my briefcase, at least not yet. But for sure a Full Monty subtle vibe or in line and would love to have a modernized version of  The Soul Train with Don Cornelius

In almost 5 years I have twice hung out with two Americanos. My dear friend Jen who is working in Sweet Home Amstradama (she has a real job but in her free time runs a way-cool-theater  that I just saw you can play Nintendo on the HUGE screen, nice… ) and a dude from Houston while I was in A-dam with my dear bud Ossie in from Scottland. 2 Staters in almost 5 years. Take a moment and really really think about not being in person with another person that speaks your language as their first ‘tongue’, ‘Mutter Tongue’. Well if you ask the universe, and I, sure enough, spoke to the moon while the dog is howling with me “Gawd why doesn’t anybody get what I am saying”, but I was saying that is Michigan too.. hehe.  Well a while back, like in the summer so cat contacted me on LinkedIn.  Well I thought my way overly gushy email 3 times as long as this scared the dude off, it can happen. But thankfully it didn’t other wise this could get nominated for the worst blog of the week contest.  So not only did the Uny connect me with a cat that can dig on my adjective he replies with “This time that Carl Sagen was over and….”. I have no idea what happened the rest of that story… not a clue. You had me at Carl Sagen…. You had me at Carl’la Perkins… (ok I just put the stuff at the end to make it weird not Broke Back Mnt’ish, hehe) AND it’s the dudes Bay-Day! Happy Birthday, Andros Sturgeon!  Here is his company and his TEDx talk too.
His talk was on How to Become a Super Hero (co-wince-i-dent)

Also, check out Matis O’Din The SGS’s Co-Capitan’s other dealios!

& last but not least Tammy Storm
A long time FB doing her own thang.. (another filmastic female) (solar) (coffee)
Make your own digital biz-ness card

It’s cool adding the film aspect to this episode being that Cody Carpenter is the son of Johm Carpenter the writer director of Halloween and so many others. And with that I think it’s time to get this up.


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