The Soupygato Show,

511 The SoupyGato Show

August 27, 2017
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511 The SoupyGato Show

Electric Mud  ~  Dolphin Street
The Host On A Toast  ~  Faith Paste
Frank Alexander  ~  Armageddon  Disco

Los Flasheros  ~  Panama
Black Majic Fools  ~  Black Jig
Green Beard  ~  Dead Valley

Yer Old Droog  ~  G.K.A.C.
Baile  Bucanero  ~  Commotion
Hamidreza  Alizadeh  ~  Ghoghouli

Warren Cuccurullio   ~  The Holy Man’s Plea
Black Bear’s Tea Party  ~  The Star of Munstar
Gardanel  FT Electric Grimore  ~  Sitar

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The SoupyGato Show

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