The Soupygato Show,

502 The SoupyGato Show

May 02, 2017
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*There is a couple Swear words in this show, but they are spot on too…

Ministry – Soupernaght

Coolzey / Soce The Elemental Wizard FT Cat Greenfield – Start The Show
The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Whack Magic

Argus – Wait For Me
Beat Antique FT Adam Theis – Silver Haze
A Tree Grows – A Tree Grows

Dave Acari – No Easy Way
Black Needle Noise – A Shiver of Want
The Veldt – Slow Grind

Ministry – (Let’s Get)  Physical
Coolzey / Soce The Elemental Wizard – Literally ILL


*We are looking have the DJ seat kept warm while DJH wraps up some things

If you think you have the vibe and correct craziness to command the controls email:

Subject line: DJ WannaBee and why you would be a suitable fill-in.

Also until June 1st we will take requests to have Jukebox Jump’en Justin Jackley do your cd cover art:

please be wise and cool and well….more soon, real soon…   (LIKE US)   (personal)

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