The Soupygato Show,

499 E The SoupyGato Show

March 12, 2017
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Las Cafeteras

Sallie Ford ~ Lucky To Miss You
Ruby & The Rogues ~ Without You
De La Soul FT Jill Scott ~ Genesis

Amy Kuney ~ Sold Out
Las Cafeteras ~ This Land Is Your Land
Maini Sorri ~ Station ID
Maini Sorri ~ Lost Love
Dom La Nena ~ Con Toda Palabra

Sarah Donner ~ Whalers & Sailors
Shelia Brody FT Chuck D ~ Everything
Meiko ~ Go To Hell

Nikki Yanofsky ~ Blessed With Your Curse
Dirtwire FT Maria Del Pilar ~ Viento
Folk Uke ~ Sh*t Makes The Flowers Grow

Las Cafeteras ~ Senor Presidente
NagtMet   ~ Outro to Have A W3T Day (intra)

Back music is the talking parts:
Ultra Deep Meditation Free Meditation Music: Shamanic Consciousness

Thursday the 9th was me Mum’s Birthday, Happy 21st Mother!!!
It’s me -3 by the way.

Until April 1st we will be working to have all things in order for the 500th

So no new full shows until then,,mucho to get in order. But will try to have blog posts detailing the progress. Last year at this time, well late Feb and the beginning of the horrible horrible B.E.S. Banged Elbow Syndrome. None stop until my surgery in late July I lived day and night with the feeling of banging your Funny Bone… Horrible. But also there were over 17,000 in the inbox. Happy to say the Forum, Updates, Social & Promotion are at 0 and the inbox have around 20. Chipped away at the stone but still more to do so will still be very busy even without the shows.

And we’d still love to have you apart of the 500th. Do you have a song with a lyric or in the title of Cat? Soup, Souper, Super?? 500th Can you in 3 weeks make one? 30 secs even & as crazy as possible. Please have some fun and join us, if we run out of space for an hour we’ll either make Part I & II & III or just make a way long show… We’d love love love to have you!!!

And this Gato is well out of juice, I’ll do all the contacting and posting tomorrow over coffee, night U All!

Just got an Alert to User: “soupygato” has gained access and their location is Netherlands “Sint Willebrod”. Sometimes I really do not know where I am at…and that goes for so many level and so true, oh so true…. be cool. be wise. never lame. djh

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