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March 03, 2017
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Maple Mars ~ Prelude:New Day

Blind Butcher ~ Hexenta
Johnny Hurt  ~  Lose Yourself
Michael Lenard Witham  ~  Last Plea To Ashley Ann

Slowmotion Orchestra ~  Alo

Chris Watkins & The Drunken Poets  ~  Cheerleader In Love
The Pink Diamond Revue  ~  Blink
Fort Knox Five  ~  Reach

SlimKid3 & DJ NU-Mark  ~  I Know, Didn’t It
Idan Raichel  ~   Ba`Chamesh Shniyot
Blind Butcher   ~   Alawalawa

The Pink Diamond Revue  ~  Final Meal Request
Idan Raichel  ~  Lifney She’Yigmaer
Bahahamas  ~  Little Record Girl

The Baptist Generals   ~  Turnunders & Overpasses
Vile Display of Humanity   ~  Feed

First I would like to apologize to any Twitter Follower of Colin Gray                                                                 

aka The Podcasting Host.  I asked Colin for a little favor as we have known each other more than a couple years and as always he was cool enough to give us a shout for the 500th. Well we just didn’t ave enough time to get everything sorted out o we pushed it on back to April 1st, maybe it was foolish, maybe not but I simply totally forgot to let him know.  So that is why you are getting something different than expected, still hope you check of out and enjoy the great tunes, 

The song by Bahamas goes out to Jenny Alison of

And thanks for given us some of you great help too! I hope you like the song!

Sunday the 5th I have the pleasure of spending sometime before the show with not just podcasting but video as well with Cumbancha’s International Sensation Idan Raichel. This is a real pleasure as we have been playing his song for ….a long time. I promise not to really really look forward to it as I have a tendency of doing what radio/podcasters do..fill in all the open spots with talk. Wouldn’t be the first time that an amazing recording artist walked away knowing far more about me than me/we (listeners) knew about them. The listeners cussing me out at their speakers who already know enough about me “yes we know there are You Me and those dumb voices in your head, how many listeners?, we know, damn it damn!” Well I am sure there have been a few over the years so I will stay mellow like fruit jell with no giggle or jive.But it still should be a bloody great show! I will giver the links below incase Idan is coming to tear up your town!

I started to write, and write and write and wow timer flew so it will all go in the Sloug (it’s like blog but much more filling. I just now notice a glaring typo, (how many did you find? mine is in the pix)


Again with how to be on the 500th Soupextravaganza Your original piece of audio (artwork is great too! for postings and blog of this) needs to have at least one of these but not all (you can of course thou) CATS-Gato  Soup  500 (10 Years too as we sort of skipped that hollarday) the sound and the length are up to you, same as the quality (normal shows do have radio sound needs as we wish to get picked up by stations again starting anytime) The host and name of the show are optional (but come on you know that one of his voice is typing this and saying tie goes to the runner and Daniel j Harris or any of the many nicknames over the years, same as with show’s name, as it is again one of hos nicknames, damn ego-barnicals!). And as crazy-silly-experimental as you can go with it!  Really go in a different the total other way of what you normally do.

The rest of what I wrote tonight will get ferociously edited and posted tomorrow


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