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499 C The SoupyGato Show

February 25, 2017
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Teddy Presberg ~ Free love Redux
The Soul Jazz Orchestra ~ Agoya

Gin Lady ~ Mexico Avenue
The Voluntears ~ And I Know
The Ventriloquists ~ Scream Before The Silence
Valley Of The Sun ~ Speaketh The Shaman

Pierre Omer’s Swing Revue ~ Lotus Blossom
Al Berkowitz ~ The Frenchman And The Rabbit
Cookie Rabinowitz ~ Call In
Cookier Rabinowitz ~ Sing Along, Sing Alone

Busting Onions Out Of Jail  ~  Just An Idea

Teddy Presberg ~ Nancy
Griff’s Room Band ~ Could Be
Chris Watkins & The Drunk Poets ~ London Can Take It

Due To Heavy Demand (& Weather) we have moved the date of:

The  500th SoupyeXtravaganza

Saturday April 1st

Submissions by Monday March 27th

Cats, Soup, 500, you can mention the show or

 the host as long as it’s as silly strange as you can.

Please be cool..

Please be wise…


Daniel j Harris

The SoupyGato Show

(just ask for address if you need it, same with phone)


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