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499 B The SoupyGato Show

February 18, 2017
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Census of Hallucination ~ Liberation Squared

Topos Locos FT The Blue Giant Zetta Puppies ~ Madelina Valentina
The Human Experience FT Michael Travis & Kat Factor ~ Broken Open
The Celebration Army ~ Risky Business

BadBadNotGood ~ CS60

Ben & Ellen Harper ~ Memories Of Gold
Daniel Gilbert Poetry Anthology Promotion (I’m in it!)
Buddhist Chants ~ Hansen Temple

NagMet ~ Time & Less
Census of Hallucination ~ TwinkleToe

Stone Before The Ocean    A Worship Poerty Anthology

It is available for free now at the Noisetrade, Kobo and Smashwords pages so please download a copy!

If you want a paper copy these are also available at Lulu where it is available at print cost which is around £5.16/$6.30.

So sorry for the delay of this show. And also with the Smoke Break shows. They were all on the computer that crashed but saved on to an external hard-drive that is now not working. Once I can retrieve the files they will start going up Tuesdays as will a post about submitting crazy original (need to have cats, soup, 500 and as silly as you want! Radio Quality is not needed, so recording on your phone is fine)  pieces before the 24th to be on the 500th March 2nd. 

Please be cool..

Please be wise…


Daniel j Harris

The SoupyGato Show

(just ask for address if you need it, same with phone)


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