The Soupygato Show,

498 The SoupyGato Healing Music Showcase Pt. 1

January 16, 2016
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Please do not or drive be very safe with any of the Healing Music episodes.
Binaural beats and Meditations used throughout as well as hypnotics.

Hanshan Temple – Buddhist Chants
Rick Batyr – New Moon Meditation
Lucid Dream Audio

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Kveta-Natural Healing Centre

Head on over and get Kveta’s free ebook “The Emotion Code”
Get a free 30 min Emotion Code Healing just for doing that.
Very knowledgeable and to the point.

Next show we’ll be hearing Tim Janakos with The Body Code Healing.
As well as many many other Musical Healers…

Please be cool
Please be wise

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just figured the very very start went missing…
well i guess we’ll live with it….

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