The Soupygato Show,

496 The SoupyGato Show

December 03, 2015
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SmokeBreak 10 (will be posted separate soon)

BlackBeard’sTea Party – The devil’s Doorbell
George Mensink – Drum circle
Krista DetorToo fast
Hilary JamesRcok Salt And Nails

SmokeBreak 9
The VoluntearsDrawing In Defeat
SlydigsThe Love That Keeps On Giving
Electric Cakesalad Dimanticato

the rest of 496 🙂
Dan DroidResignate
Charlie MusselwhiteLong Leg Woman
Lee Negin Not Knowing Mind

The Drum Circle is Tuesday Dec 8
Link to event is above also in GREEN

Please be cool..
Please be wise…
Daniel j Harris
The SoupyGato Show
Daniel j Harris
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