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August 29, 2015
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D Amateur Night At The NutHouse

Arms of Tripoli10th Graders Forever
Teenage Glue SniffersThe Raven
AtomgaSalt & Pepper /
Willy MasonThink About Your Troubles

Beat Antiques ft Les ClaypoolBeezlebob
Turk TresizeCold Honey
Rainbow JacksonPsycho Betty

Tokyo RosenthalMister Tell me About The Great Depression WWW.TOKYOROSENTHAL.COM
Luis DraytonLook Inside Me
Toska WildeBoomarang

Pete Berwick See You In Hell
End of Hour:

Rick Batyr & Vladimir KhrobystovMongolia http//

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The SoupyGato Show has always been free and devoid of sponsors,  is it important enough to you to donate to see it continue?

Are there past episodes B.C. (Before Crossing the ocean) A.D. (After Dutchified) that you’d like to have us air again soon and do you by chance have the playlist. We have many but not all playlists.

We are starting to request music and healers to speak a blog post will go up later today with details for The Healing Music Showcase and also the very very cool Owen J Tingle in the Netherlands (who I just now saw won Weirdest band in the World! Awesome! And if you have seen the Facebook posts of the gold skull “Skully” he made it and sells them did a short song as a station id and if we get enough interest it would be cool to do a full show of them. If you have a crazy idea… let’s hear it here it 🙂



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