The Soupygato Show,

486 The SoupyGato Show

August 07, 2015
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The Ghost Ease – Qwi Mai Yab

Gemini – zOA
Andy Zokvo – Bluebird Song
Tenyson – Long Regrets

Tim Janakos – Open Your Eyes
Dave Bouetette – It’s Gonna Be All Right
Eamon Friel – Arrows & Hearts
Hungrytown – Eastward Forest, Westward Hills

HungryHeart – Devils Got My Number
Überkill– Feel So Good
Rhett May – Cocktails and Cannabis

Stranded7 – Listen To This
Tim Janakos – Zutto Issho Ni

*Extra over the hour
Public Enemy – Honky Tonk Rule
Chemical Brothers ft Beck – Wide Open
The Revivalist – All In The Family

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