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June 26, 2015
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We’ll get the embedding down, either when Rich is back at it or we get a break in the action to fix it, but for now here is still an easy way to find these great bands on this and last week… more news this weekend 🙂
Shelley Morningsong – Summer Interlude

Bilge Kosebalaban – What Have You Done To Me
Shelley Morningsong – Love Came To Rescue Me
Lacroix Despher – Seijake No Chikai

The Insight – I Will
IL Sengno del Comando – Retrospettiva Di Un Amore
Griff & John After Hours Exprience – 5 Days
Tamara Bubble – Towel Boy
Maini Sorri Lost Love
Edison – Be Someone
IL Sengno del Comando – Rituale
Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars – Up Town Funk

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