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481 The SoupyGato Show

June 19, 2015
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Queen BitchWild Hearts
The Celebration ArmyFlipside
The Syn14 Hour Technicolored Dream

Then Melting PotSneaking Into Heaven
Joe NormalSomethings Starting New
Pontus H.W. Gunve ft Mira KovaesGelen

Joe Normal Bookend’s Theme
King Jarthur & His LordsHotrod Hullballoo
Prairie LizardsHey Paco
EsteeYou Are

ColorstoneStone Temple
Johnny Hate – Black Sparrow
Pontus H.W. GunveLama Heart
Deltron 3030 ft The Lonely Planet Back in In The Day

Our techy tech tech Rich “We May Not Be Famous” Hamilton had his computer go kaput the other day,
We’ll get the embedding done soon as we can figure it out, anyone good at it please let me know 🙂
soupygato AT (LIKE US) (personal)
please be cool
please be wise

had a Fab time talking to Steve Nardelli of The Syn today, we Jimi had his first London gig The Syn opened.
How cool is that??? Steve is also in charge of the first Eco-town want to learn more
hope ya’ll dig the show and tell a few friends.. peace…

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