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479 The SoupyGato Show

June 05, 2015
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Hard The Transition – I’m Too Funky

The Blue Project – Requiem For The Working Man
Hasani Arthur ft Lemora – Building
Edward David Anderson – Lies & Wishes

Random Dander – Bodies In The Water
Leo & The Tolstoys – Monster
The Grus – Jupiter

Sick Note Tez – Molley Grey
Stewart The Busker – Wee Guy From Grangemouth (made up)
Random Dander – Don Juan Chu
Hasani Arthur & Dame-O – Midnight Bed

Hard The Transition – Big Cheese
Danny Petroni – Bradley Cove

We may not be Famous but we have Rich and he’ll be sorting this out soon
Hasani Arthur & Innovative Soundz ft Lemora it should read but I changed it just in hopes this looks a bit better for the time being.
Shows will be recorded on Tuesdays and posted Fridays now…
We hope that is not a problem for anyone 😉
If it is, tell me
If it isn’t, tell a friend…
Next showcase is….. Tai Chi. music for, inspired by, named, made by master, teachers & students of 7 years and be at 490 The SGS
Looking for some interesting help that maybe becomes regular if goes well… we’ll hear (I typo-ed a T)
1st News Letter of the year as we hit the half way and 1 year ago friday we got back started
The SGS News-Letter will be put down & go out right about the time the Sun up & shining in,the window 🙂
(Rich please remove all but the ) #@#&

DOIE Do~waaaaah….see YA

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