The Soupygato Show,

471 The SoupyGato Show

April 02, 2015
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Root Deco – Cool Down
Paul Foley – Caverns of Night
Tonya Watts – Moonshine and Weed
Woodbridge – Addicted
Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate – Passport

Gabriel Brox – Bag of Bones
Eliot – Go
Gilli Moon – Merry X-Mas My Love
New Day Dawn – Runaway
Root Deco – Good News Today

Tony Carbone – Frisco
Gabriel Brox – We Rise
Micki Is Dead – Speed Like a Fiend
The Uncluded – Organs
Judy Dyble – Talking With Strangers
End of Hour
Tim Jones reading Daniel j Harris – The Last Man Standing Will Be A Mortician
Tim Jones reading Daniel j Harris – Leroy’s Cousin
Zig Zitelier & Daniel j Harris – Tribal Sole

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