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463 The SoupyGato Show

January 29, 2015
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Deltron 3030 ft The Lonely Island ~ Back In The Day

Andy Dale Petty ~ Frick’s Lament
Sarah McQuaid ~ Sweetness And Pain I
Sarah McQuaid ~ Walking Into White
Johnny Hate & Naive ~ Your Love Means Nothing To Me Now

Sandrine ~ Where Do We Go
Mohawk Radio ~ Curious Mortality
Betty Soo ~ Love Is Real
Judy Dyble ~ Black Dog Dream
Lucas Jack ~ Don’t Get Carried Away (Curtis)

Sarah McQuaid ~ Low Winter Sun
Andy Dale Petty ~ January Winds
Mohawk Radio ~ Drive You Down
Loosehounds ~ Don’t Give A Monkey A Gun
Sickness ~ Food For Worms
Deltron 3030 ft Joseph Gordon Levitt ~ Stardate

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