The Soupygato Show,

446 The SoupyGato Birthday Show with Special Guest Yal Spaapen aka The Southern Many

October 03, 2014
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Golden Axe ~ Dog Napped
AfroQben ~ Massive Move Forward
Andy Burrows ~ Keep On Moving On
Bastard Fares ~ We’re All Going To Hell
BloodSugar ~ Dope Fiend Drama
Bobby Bare Jr. ~ Mayonnaise Brain
Census Of Hallucinations ~ The Unicorn Is Coming
Fat Cat  ~ Fat Cat
Don King ~ The Claw
Todd Snider ~ Is This Thing Working

Very laid back and quite goofy fun with me pseudo~son
We thank all the sweet kind people that wished me a happy birthday on FB and sorry that I know we missed more than a few.
Next week back to normal and Yal I think is going to join more and more
Going to try to video a live stream from my birthday party for the first time, live music of and from Breda

please be cool
please be wise
daniel j harris

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