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March 28, 2020
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The Membranes ~ The 21st Century is Killing Me
Common Holly ~ You Dance
RPWL ~ A New World
Human Experience FT Alta & Govinda ~ Waves of Transformation
Niall McGuigan ~ Spiritual Anarchy
The Tribe Called Red FT Black Bear ~ The O.G.

Shouts~ Kitties Nweed, Steve, J-Fro, Holls, Sharif, Michelle P., Os, K-Heb, Mattias, Andros, Garry A, Thy Original M&M aka Mark Murphy, Zeka Da Freaka, AJ, Harmonie, C&N Aguirre, & You + evabody else dos!

Jeff Edmonds is a fellow Michigander going through something that I just hope you can start with compassion.
If you are able to take a moment and think what it would be to come to terms that your life is over but those that said such were clearly not correct. To have signed what you have to a loved one to both better their life and that you will not need it,…. but now you do and they are no longer around.

Do you want to send a small recording of what it is like in your area?
Would you like a personal show of a certain vibe to work out or clean or what not…

Have other ideas? Want to do a show to see what it is like?

Please be cool..
Please be wise…
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