SoupyGato Smoke Break,

2nd SoupyGato’s Smoke Break

March 19, 2015
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Maïak             Nutributter Green Is People
Secoya          Ghosts
Max Lilja      Morphosis
Thank You Taner Torun & Everyone at:
Fluttery Records!
The Smoke Break is just a 15 -20 short episode to vibrate your keister.
This 2nd one I am still adjusting to the back procedure I had Monday.
We are so so thankful for the donations to allow us to continue.
Bartering and Word of Mouth will get all the carts of this train chuggen.
And the Universe is being selective for the right assistant & intern.
Maybe you too might meditate on your questions to this great Music?
please be cool
please be wise
daniel j harris
aka Crazy Uncle SoupyGato (LIKE US) (personal)

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