SoupyGato Smoke Break,

17 A SoupyGato Smoke Break (Heavy Duty)

August 26, 2018
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The SoupyGato Show

17 SoupyGato Smoke Break

Lectern ~ Privvid As Gemel Confessors

Prophets of Rage ~ The Counteroffensive

Perfidy Biblical ~ Flegias Monarch

Prophets of Rage ~ Legalize Me

I want to Thank Dave Wolff
                           for reaching out
                                 hope he thinks the show was a good idea
                                                 &  as interesting as he did to start with 😉

Also big thank you to Fabio Bava
                 the bassist and vocalist from Italy
                                   fronting Lectern & Perfidy Biblical.

Sept. 1st the Re-release of NagMet’s Water is Conscience will Drop!

Even though my book starts at maybe the darkest time in my life
Each and every email I have gotten talks about how funny it is.

I am so very much learning as I go….
Looking for someone that has a solid understanding of the net.
Can help get the interviews cue’ed ready to play and playlists written
Search out all the different FB groups to post the book as well as the cd and show.
The NewsLetter will go out to almost 50,ooo people and the biggest ToDo on the List..

If you are able to help you’ll be listed on site and newsletter 

The 1st is saturday so mucho mucho to do….

East Bound And Down, Loaded Up And Trucken We Gonna Do What They Say Can’t Be Done!

Please be cool..
Please be wise…
The SoupyGato Show
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