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May 21, 2020
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Rick Batyr ~ The Light Of Angels


Do you love hearing brand spanken new music?
Would you like possibly picking your favorite song on a cd to be played on here either giving you credit or keeping you on the down-low?
What about the possibility of writing a small review and voicing your thoughts?

Right now I could have a monsoon come through here and ‘cast-awaying’ with enough music that we’d go a week non-stop 24/7+ before hearing a jam twice and that my dearest of dears is more than Homie can sift through in a timely manor. Really this is an idea I have had for quite awhile just need another 6-9 ears to mingle on the jingles.. you feel me? hehe…

Find me on FaceBook if you are possibly interested and we can take a call or three with the vid to see if the eyes go a wee shifty as I do take the responsibility of being entrusted with others artistic endeavors. So ‘vet’ there must be, … if you have been President of any labeled area of land plz do not ask to partake.

Ok, tis enough of this chin waggle’n (that is such an odd thing, ain’t it?)

Plz Be Cool
Plz Be Wise
Daniel j Harris
djh   (LIKE US)   (personal)

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