SoupyGato Smoke Break,

16 A SoupyGato Smoke Break

December 23, 2017
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16 The SoupyGato Smoke Break

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The Dead Brothers ~ Black Moose
The Wood Brothers ~ The Muse
SixGunn El Dorado ~ Full Throttle
SixGunn El Dorado ~ HighWay Line

Below is the link to John Vincent’s site who I had a blast talking with for hour one of what will be maybe a three-part talk (or more?).
This one is for the very very cool Engel Jones and his 12 Minute Conversations. I am on episode 1718 (and I thought I did a lot of show, wow) that will air in January. I will post a heads up on it when the time comes.

And this last one is Alien X Radio whom I was a guest with this morning. I want to thank my longtime buddy Les Zaldor for having me on during their 36 hours of X-Mas to raise money for Forgotten Harvest that does some great things feeding those in need. Thanks, Guys!!!!

They are collecting until the 25th !! its a cause worth giving to or I wouldn’t be asking. A single dollar they oragime into 3 meals because they grow their own food and just need the gas money to get the food to those in need. (LIKE US) (personal)

I very much would like to appogize on this being very late. Miscommunication and then a flu bug that had me sick as a dog for a week, I blame the kid that was sick for a week before me for sharing. Jokes aside I am sorry to the acts that are on as well as the other cool cats listed above. djh

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