SoupyGato Smoke Break,

11 The SoupyGato Smoke Break (IMP)

March 19, 2016
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11 The SoupyGato Smoke Break ft acts from IMP (Independent Music Promotions)

Port of Est Valentine In My Headphones

Mind of Journey Interdimensional Romance

Baskerville Jones Mile 1

Dr. Compressor/Yvan Gessler V (Roman Numeral not V as in Victor)

​I have known James Moore of IMP many years and I have always been souper impressed with the acts has sent our way over the years. Ones just tittering on the edge of starring spotlights and others that are brilliantly odd. I asked him for a favor of sending out NagMets info to his radio~reviewer contacts and glad I did. He is another that doesn’t stay in a genre​ but does stay with real talent and great music. Because there is another 20+ acts unplayed but well worth, there will be another IMC Smoke Break real soon.
If you are an act looking for promotion and check out the site above here. If you tell James Senior Soup Del Gato sent you and get the Critical Mass Radio & Press Package he just might knock off $42. Now this isn’t confirmed but if you mention you heard of IMP here I’m certain … well certain, I have a solid feeling he’ll give you a stray cat discount. Like tossing a fishbone to the alley…but not the band of course…love those cats!

Try to have new posts each day this week. I took time off for health reasons and have some youngens joining the team to keep my time at the PC to a minimum. But we really really need donations to upgrade. The processor isn’t strong enough to do regular shows that don’t take me nine hours. And it’s server-host bill time again. We need some help from people that have always wanted to be apart of a music show that embraces the unconventional. A team that does talk about change but crates it also. A couple hours a week or a couple a month helps, it really really does. As do your donations from the price of Micky D’s in Detroit or the same restaurant (if you can call it as such) here in Holland (it’s 3 X’s as much, I think in 3 years been there 5 times). Point being we thank you now and will again later (on air, unless request not too). Maybe we consider tokens like Public Radio does? $25 for a NagMet cd? Maybe you want it signed? $50 will get you an orginal hand-written short story or poem most certain and these are just ideas and blog updates all week long…

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