***For Mp3’s : 

soupygato [at] gmail [dot] com

Please have  the data embedded  each mp3: Artist, Track Title, Cd Title if available.

Also have in the email all your social media links listed,  and how you found the show.

For full cds Drop Box, Hail Tail and others are fine, but then also email with above info.


    ***For CD’s :

Please contact Daniel j Harris at the above email for address

P.O. Box sometime soon:

Please include a note with your website link, email address, how you found the show if they are not listed in the cd someplace.

Please email before sending so we know to be on the look out for it and if not arriving within 2-3 weeks we will let you know.

We are no longer accepting burned cds unless priory authorized.

We always enjoy adding things to the studio walls. Stickers, PR Photos, Posters,  anything cool will be replied in kind to the best of our crazy souper powered abilities.



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