The place to find out the info on the bands that you hear on the show. If this is your first time visiting I will hip you to a bit of the background.

First I’m Daniel J. Harris aka soupygato and I host the show. French Horn was my instrument for most all of my schooling career and then I moved on to bass. French Horn players don’t get many chicks, but then neither did I playing bass. Though it didn’t last long I had a period of time that I played 6 nights a week. Getting sick of the bars I played in pit for musicals. So my tastes in music have been varied most of my life. For years, I wanted a radio station that would play all kinds of music. Hearing nothing like that, I chose to do it myself.

So what is The SoupyGato Show?

First it’s a podcast, so you can download or stream it anytime you like. You don’t need to sit by your radio and wait. I do the show Sundays and put up a new show each week Tuesday night around midnight. Music comes in from all over the world. All styles welcome and wanted. I try to make each show as different as possible.

In the coming weeks, I’ll put up more info about the show — answers and questions — maybe run some contests. Who knows? Please join the forum and have some fun while listening to some cool music.


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The SoupyGato Show

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