About the SoupyGato Show

If this is your first time visiting I will hip you to a bit of the background.

First, I’m Daniel J. Harris aka Soupy Gato and I host the show.

French Horn was my instrument for most all of my schooling career and then I moved on to bass. (French Horn players don’t get many chicks, but then neither did I playing bass.)

Though it didn’t last long I had a period of time that I played six nights a week. Getting sick of the bars, I played in pit for musicals…

So my tastes in music have been varied most of my life.

And, for years, I wanted a radio station that would play all kinds of music. Hearing nothing like that, I chose to do it myself.

The SGS is a podcast—you can download or stream it anytime you like—you don’t need to sit by your radio and wait…

I do the show Sundays and put up a new show each week (usually Tuesday night around midnight). Music comes in from all over the world and all styles are welcome and wanted. I try to make each show as different as possible.

Info about the shows is updated regularly, so stay tuned—or maybe just sign up for the Soupy Museletter while you’re here…

Oh, and don’t forget to join the forum (and listen to a whole lotta cool music and fun!).


Questions? Comments?

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The SoupyGato Show

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