Monthly Archives: September 2013

424 The SoupyGato Show


“Ladies Night”
Little Dove ~ In The Ground
Amatorski ~ My Favorite Work Of Art
Dom La Nena ~ Buenos Aires
ThaGataNegrra ~ Felinus Scorchius
ThaGataNegrra ~ Gata City
Trampled Under Foot ~ You Never Loved Me
The Como Mamas ~ Old Landmark
Nynke ~ Duns Fan De Siedden
Erin Gannon Simms ~ I’ll Be OK
Sonia Eden ~ Fantasy
Mariannie Ompoc ~ No Fool For You
Saba Preteeksha ~ Hum Dekhenge
Shelly Rann ~ I’m All Over That

423 The SoupyGato Show

Yasmine Hamdan ~ Beirut
Femi Kuti ~ The World Is Changing
The Future Primitives  ~  Evil
Big Lou ~ Call In (Rule The World Records)
Lance Herbstrong ~ Hot For Teacher
Alessio Riccio ~ Bacchea
Tennessee Laure ~ Call In
Tennessee Laure ~ Somebody Else
Todd Snider  ~  Is This Thing Working
Robert Wuagneux   ~  Strange Voo Doo
Yasmine Hamdan ~  Bela Tantanat
Sam Green ~ Call In
Same Green ~ I Can See The Light
Sallie Ford & The Outsiders ~ They Told Me
Paul Simon ~ Getting Ready For Christmas Day

422 The SoupyGato Show



Bear Ceuse ~ My Friends
Dead Day Revolution ~ Just One Question
Becky Lee & Drunkfoot ~ Hip Kids
Mirokolica ~ Thunder
They Might Be Zombies ~ Fragments
Tony Muggs ~ Call In
The Muggs ~ 6 To Midnight
Elliot Schneider ~ If Looks Could Kill, I’d Wear Mirrored Sunglasses
Eliot ~ Not The Same To Me
Chico Trujillo ~ Gran Pecador
Teryn & Andy ~ A Conversation of a Father and Daughter
Sakis Gouzonis ~ Now I Am Free
Brandie Carlile & Emmylou Harris ~ Take Me Home, Country Road

421 The SoupyGato Show


AfroQben (feat Solomon Albert) ~ Cafe
Black Dog Hat ~ Drown In Me
Spiritwo ~ Soul Mate
Charles Bradley ~ Put The Flame On It
Mason Summit ~ I’ve Never Surfed
Alexis Rivera ~ Summer Love
Fake Club ~ Beauty Queen
Poppa’s Kitchen ~ The Perfect Baked Potato
Teryn & Andy Cazal ~ A Conversation of a Father and Daughter
Fr33dom People ~ Boots & Nuts
Swirl ~ Time To Fly (Adrenaline)
The Dead Brothers ~ Trust In Me
Ten Rose ~ Call In (Author of Fearless Puppy On American Road)
Urban Junior ~ Hot Sh*t from Switzerland