488 The SoupyGato Show


We will get the play list sorted out a bit later today… have a wonderful weekend!

487 The SoupyGato Show


Za Pokolj DušeDara Bubašvaba https://zapokoljduse.bandcamp.com/

My Cruel GoroClash https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC58TdKKwMKuGNDrpuReJ65Q/videos
BoulevardsGot To Go http://boulevardsfunk.bandcamp.com/
Vile Display of HumanityNever Forget http://www.viledisplayofhumanity.com/

Princes of SerendipThe 7 Deadly Plastics http://www.princesofserendip.info/
Chris BejoleBlix The Little Island of Mystery (full kids audo book, really relly really good! www.bejole.com
Terence Blanchard – Tom & Jerry http://www.terenceblanchard.com/

Richie Syrett Punching Above My Weight http://richiesyrettmusic.com/
Jackson ReedHarmonica www.reverbnation,com/jacksonreed
Panophonic Eye For An Eye http://www.reverbnation.com/panophonic
Tamara BubbleDear BET http://tamarabubble.com/
GBXInvestigationš http://www.reverbnation.com/gbxresolutedsoundsdesignmodelingwaves

This show took over 30 hours to complete. I thought ‘Brenda’ the PC was a goner.
There pretty much is no question we need a serious up-grade and if You, and I do mean YOU feel you are a part of this then we are asking for your help.

Please be kind
Please be thoughtful
good night :)

Danny Harris

486 The SoupyGato Show


The Ghost Ease – Qwi Mai Yab

Gemini – zOA
Andy Zokvo – Bluebird Song
Tenyson – Long Regrets

Tim Janakos – Open Your Eyes
Dave Bouetette – It’s Gonna Be All Right
Eamon Friel – Arrows & Hearts
Hungrytown – Eastward Forest, Westward Hills

HungryHeart – Devils Got My Number
Überkill– Feel So Good
Rhett May – Cocktails and Cannabis

Stranded7 – Listen To This
Tim Janakos – Zutto Issho Ni

*Extra over the hour
Public Enemy – Honky Tonk Rule
Chemical Brothers ft Beck – Wide Open
The Revivalist – All In The Family

485 The SoupyGato Show (Buddy Guy’s B-day!)


Cookie RabinowtizBroad St Buddha

Buddy GuyThick Like Mississippi Mud
Tracy BonhamWax & Gold
Lota RedReason

The VoluntearsAnd I Know
Nathaniel Rateiff & The Night SweetsS.O.B
Buddy GuyCrazy World

Flying Cape ExperienceMorphosis
Tracy BonhamPapa, Show Me How To Fly
Cookie RabinowtizSelf Loathing

Napolleon Rendezvous
Hell FreaksSpur 5

484 The SoupyGato Show


The Infant CyclePope

Al BerKowitzThe French Man & The Rabbit Men
Lights That Change Voices
The Creeping Ivies Whitch House

Maff Walking On Fire
The Kung Fu LoversKung Fu Love
The Love BuzzardsGet It

The ForesWhispering Winds
LaPiramidediSangue – Locuste
Aria ElanFree Mama Earth

A Tribe Called Red ft HellnbackThe People’s Champ