449 The SoupyGato Show


Hannah’s Field ~ Higher Inspiration

Rick Hromedka ~ It’s All In Your Head
Swirl ~ We Are Alive
Bart Wirtz ft. Sean Jones ~ We Are The State

Hannah’s Field ~ New Day Raising
Your Casket Or Mine ~ Contagious Smile
Matthew Monfort ~ Intro to song
Ancient Future ~ Yearning For The Wind

Painful Hate ~ Think
Rick Hromedka ~ There She Goes
Hannah’s Field ~ Smokey Amsterdam

Nice As Pie ~ Drunk Stoned Stupid
Rubber Clown Car ~ Cancer Days

448 The SoupyGato Show

The Hydrothermal Vents ~ Out Of Their Cages

TAFKAVince Band ~ Hold Tight
The Deadline Shakes ~ Slipping From My Heart
Nehedar ~ Flying

Fine Young Gäässler Guga ~ Ten Beer Badesecht
Young Rebel Goombas ~ Whooda Whooda
The Oers ~ Words Enough

Johnny Reed ~ About You
Maini Sorri ft Magneto Dayo ~ Blue Song
Ag Deliz ~ Too Bad

As Crows Fly ~ Delivery Man
Killcode Krew ~ Slave
Libretto ~ Stay Focused

Reza Saleh ~ Good Night

447 The SoupyGato Show

Census Of Hallucinations ~ Elecroid

Martn Zobel & Soulrise ~ Living Our Dreams
Landvogt ~ Komm Zu Mir
Lo Res ~ The Elevator

Pete Berwick ~ Vacancy In My Heart
Vajra ~ Blind
Qvalia ~ Stardust
Keaden ~ Sunday

Keaden ~ I Want To Know Myself
Landvogt ~ Weirdos
Lo Res ~ 23 Heads On A Highway

Martin Zobel & Soulrise ~ Keep Planting Seeds

446 The SoupyGato Birthday Show with Special Guest Yal Spaapen aka The Southern Many

Golden Axe ~ Dog Napped
AfroQben ~ Massive Move Forward
Andy Burrows ~ Keep On Moving On
Bastard Fares ~ We’re All Going To Hell
BloodSugar ~ Dope Fiend Drama
Bobby Bare Jr. ~ Mayonnaise Brain
Census Of Hallucinations ~ The Unicorn Is Coming
Fat Cat  ~ Fat Cat
Don King ~ The Claw
Todd Snider ~ Is This Thing Working

Very laid back and quite goofy fun with me pseudo~son
We thank all the sweet kind people that wished me a happy birthday on FB and sorry that I know we missed more than a few.
Next week back to normal and Yal I think is going to join more and more
Going to try to video a live stream from my birthday party for the first time, live music of and from Breda

please be cool
please be wise
daniel j harris




445 The SoupyGato Show

Vision the Kid & Tru ~ Intro: The Street At Night

The Dead Brothers ~ Black Moose
George A. Johnson Jr. ~ The Johnson Factor
Lewis & Evans ~ Wichita Lineman

Johnny Reed ~ The Message
Kissin’ Black ~ Recitation
Kissin’ Black ~ Blues: Unpardonable
Vision The Kid & Tru ~ Devil

Shannon Lee ~ Ordinary Man
Lewis & Evans ~ Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
George A. Johnson Jr. ~ Backstage Sally
The Dead Brothers ~ Heart Of Stone
Taj Weeks ~ Here I Stand

Shannon Lee ~ Darn Near Perfect
Johnny Reed ~ The Universe
HannaH’s Field ~ Righteous Livication
The Dead Brothers ~ Good Luck