9 The SoupyGato Smoke Break With Flicknife Records


The Voluntears – Drowning In Defeat
Slydigs – The Love That Keeps On Giving
Electric Cake Salad – Dimenticato


The SoupyGato Show
Daniel j Harris


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495 The SoupyGato Show


Electric Mud – Barfly

BlackBeard’s Tea Party – Hangman’s Noose
Rolando Bruno – Falafel King
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Loading Hand – Mighty Might

The Deadline Shakes – Boy
Abbi-K – Happy Ever After
Heavy Eye – Somniloquy

Rolando Bruno – El Bruijto Ramon
Electric Wire Hustle – If These Are The Last Days
Ho99o9 – Da Blue N—-From Hell Boy
Heavy Eyes – Fifty

Blackbeards Tea Party – The Slave Chase
Census of Hallucination – Nothing is As it Seems

End of Hour @soupygato
Census of Hallucination – Elephant Elepant Elephant
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church of The Leading Hand – Not Quite Evil

494The SoupyGato Show


Electric Mud – Barfly
Rick Batry – Last Quart Moon Meditation Part 1

Devilles – Life in Decay
Mystic Pete – Halloween Night (Shiva Sheki)
Camera Soul – Candle for Peace
Spit Anger – Welcome to The Real World

Love Buzzards – Fat’s Ugly
Voluntears – Feels Like Home
American Opera – Empty Cup
Mystic Pete – The Lover (Hare Ram)

Martin Villiger – Happy India
Electric Mud – Deadend Mind
The Spectacles – Happiness & Hope
Saint Savior – A Word
Dom La Nena – Start a War

134 135 136 The SoupyGato Convo with Mark Farner of Grand Funk (3 of 3)




A bit later on these than I thought, but as they say..better later than gator…

you are cool & you are wise…..djh

493 The SoupyGato Show


The Pocket Gods – Cygnus
Tim Jones & Rob Kirtley – Only on The Dawn

Clark Colborn – Elephant Hosegow
Clark Colborn – Gimpy The Weelse
The Mimi Bruns Band – Brandon
The Mimi Burns Band – NetherWorld

Serendip Orchestra – Roses Or The Difference Between A Dream And A Memory
Hilary James – The Old Music Master
HIlary James – They All Laughed

Palambo & The Funk – Takes To Long
Palambo & The Funk – Say Ya Don’t
The Umoza Music Project – Air Born Solider