437 The SoupyGato Show

The Mimi Burns Band ~ Netherland
Teddy Presberg ~ El Fin
Pinkemincal Sunset ~ Change
Dubmatix ft Prince Blanco ~ Anarchy In The U.K.

The Urchins ~ I Feel A Fall Coming
Emporium ~ Funeral
The Floozies ~ Booger Bear
Jesus Chrusler Supercar ~ Full Blown Hell

Reykjavictim ~ Cat Food
Croup feat. Supastion ~ The Declaration
Dubmatix feat. Prince Blanco ~ 7 Nation Amy
The Boot Inn Band ~ Ahoy Ahoy, Come On Roy
Pinkemical Sunset ~ Paranoia

436 The SoupyGato Show

GhostHit ~ People
Keith Jarrett – Charlie Haden ~ Everything Happens To Me
John Pippus Band ~ Bozos On The Bus
Radiocity Shakers ~ Keep You Smile

Borealis ~ Water Of Water
The Boys ~ I’m A Believer
Lonesome Orchestra ~ Requiem

Taj Weeks ~ Rain Rain
Roy And The Devil’s Motorcycle ~ Water Air Food And Love
The High Fidelitics ~ New Killer Ray
Lonesome Orchestra ~ The Ending

435 The SoupyGato Show

PerkinsWood ~ Echo #2
Bad Cop ~ My Dying Days
Lumerians ~ Abudhabijab
Fiona Joy Hawkins ~ Snow Bird

The Lawn Grower ~ Waterfall 5
Tania Kross ~ Not A Some Time Thing
PolyKeeper ~ The Model

PerkinsWoods ~ Echo #7
The Fab Mods ~ I Will Be Late
Poppa’s Kitchen ~ Walk On Water
Sulf ~ Human

Todd Snider ~ Mission Accomplished
PerkinsWoods ~ Echo #2
Jamaram ~ Hold On

please be cool
please be wise

434 The SoupyGato Show

Golden Axe ~ Dognapped
Basement Freaks ~ Disco Boy

Dustin Perkins ~ No Kind Of Life
John Daversa ~ Shelley’s Guitar
Census Of Hallucinations ~ Truth Inverted

Xoch ~ Anything
The Silence ~ Rainy Day Woman
Dustin Perkins ~ One Chance
John Daversa ~ Rhythm Chargers

Census Of Hallucinations ~ Timelessness
Petitijean ~ Salamalekoum
Possessed By Paul James ~ Ferris Wheel
Murky Red ~ Willow Tree

433 The SoupyGato Show

Dominic Gaudious ~ Hippie Dance Music
Ancient Future ~ Yearning For The Wind
Big Blue Couch ~ Vultures
Elliot Ranney ~ Walter, Donald, & The Steely Sedan
Hayden King ~ Lessons In Self
ThaGataNegrra ~ Gata City (Kuro Gata City)
Timworld ~ Space Goat
Dominic Gaudios ~ Feeling Really Good
Chvad SB ~ A Hair Before Sundown