467 The SoupyGato Show


Conor Mulroy ~ Foxfire Mov. 2 Part 7

Lord – Digital Lies
The Electro-Lights – Don’t Even Know
Paul & The Starry Knights – Cold Rains

The Muggs – The Lighting Cries
Sir Cadian Rhythm – Holly’s On Fire
Child – All Dried Up

Michael Harrison – Long Legged Woman
The Micronite Filters – Cry Wolf Cry
Wherewithal – Mudslingers
Lord – 2D Person In A 3D World
Lord Echo – Digital Haircut

Sir Cadian Rythm – Run Around Town

466 The SoupyGato Show


Bobby Bare Jr. ~ Bionic Beginnings

Second Player Score ~ Falling Forever
The 2 Bears ~ Son of Sun
The History of Apple Pie ~ Puzzels
Tosca ~ Have Some Fun

Bacchus Baracus ~ Mammoth
The Barbacans ~ Camminado
Ben Draiman ~ Soon Enough
Gontani Tatsuya ~ Call-In

Second Player Score ~ Sad And Glamorous
Cody Joe Hodges ~ It All Comes Back In The End
Judy Dyble ~ Drift Away
Urban Junior ~ Der Letzte Kuss
Fort Knox Five ft Beta G ~ Bhangra Paanch

465 The SoupyGato Show

Census of Hallucinations ~ Elecroid

La Chinga ~ Country Mile
The Stone Foxes ~ Everybody Knows
Tea Leaf Green ~ Wake Up Laughing
Lucas Jack ~ Don’t Get Carried Away (Curtis)

Mariachi El Bronx ~ Raise The Dead
Pete Flude ~ This is Haddon
Buffalo Soldier ~ Freedom for Africa
Hyper Fury ~ Phobia
The Fludes ~ Rolling Fields

The Fludes ~ The Enchanter
La Chings ~ When I Get Free
3 A.M. Drones ~ Moonrise
Ron Westray ~ 3rd Stone From The Sun

464 The SoupyGato Show

Tim Mungenast ~ Do Horses Melt In The Noonday Sun
Mikayla ~ Make Your Move
Tangled Eye ~ Made To Mingle
Tingle In The Netherlands ~ I Lost My Heart To A Starship Cleaner
Tripicity ~ Chimera

The Johnnie Squizzer Crow Experiment ~ God Is On The Case
Thinking Plague ~ Behold The Man
Mad Hatter ~ 333
Memphis Nights ~ Texas
Mary-El ft Kim & Bash ~ Stood Up
Mikayla ~ I Hate Myself For Loving You
Blu Acid ~ Here I Go
Tim Mungenast ~ He Is Radio

463 The SoupyGato Show


Deltron 3030 ft The Lonely Island ~ Back In The Day

Andy Dale Petty ~ Frick’s Lament
Sarah McQuaid ~ Sweetness And Pain I
Sarah McQuaid ~ Walking Into White
Johnny Hate & Naive ~ Your Love Means Nothing To Me Now

Sandrine ~ Where Do We Go
Mohawk Radio ~ Curious Mortality
Betty Soo ~ Love Is Real
Judy Dyble ~ Black Dog Dream
Lucas Jack ~ Don’t Get Carried Away (Curtis)

Sarah McQuaid ~ Low Winter Sun
Andy Dale Petty ~ January Winds
Mohawk Radio ~ Drive You Down
Loosehounds ~ Don’t Give A Monkey A Gun
Sickness ~ Food For Worms
Deltron 3030 ft Joseph Gordon Levitt ~ Stardate