483 The SoupyGato Show


Id&Co – Chance Encounter http://www.silbermedia.com/

ScaredFire with Davidji – Healing Flow www.sacredfiremusic.com
Root Deco – Doctor http://www.rootdeco.com/
Sophie Anderson – The Doctor https://soundcloud.com/sophieanderson-2
Meridian Brothers – Doctor Trompeta http://meridianbrothers.com/

Bison Machine – Speed of Darkness https://bisonmachine.bandcamp.com/
The Pocket Gods – The Starry Earth http://www.nubmusic.net/
Rodney Cromwell The Blue Cloud http://www.happyrobots.co.uk/
Shadow & Mirrors – Christian Woman https://soundcloud.com/shadows-mirrors

Davidji – Bonus Lecture Ayurudic Immersion http://davidji.com/

Sorry this is late but the operation went well.

482 The SoupyGato Show


We’ll get the embedding down, either when Rich is back at it or we get a break in the action to fix it, but for now here is still an easy way to find these great bands on this and last week… more news this weekend :)
Shelley Morningsong – Summer Interlude http://shelleymorningsongonline.com/

Bilge Kosebalaban – What Have You Done To Me http://www.bilgekosebalaban.com/
Shelley Morningsong – Love Came To Rescue Me http://shelleymorningsongonline.com/
Lacroix Despher – Seijake No Chikai http://www.lacroix-d.com/

The Insight – I Will http://theinsight.eu/
IL Sengno del Comando – Retrospettiva Di Un Amore http://www.ilsegnodelcomando.net/
Griff & John After Hours Exprience – 5 Days https://www.reverbnation.com/griffjohnsafterhoursexperience
Tamara Bubble – Towel Boy http://tamarabubble.com/
Maini Sorri Lost Love http://mainisorri.com/wordpress/
Edison – Be Someone http://listentoedison.bandcamp.com/
IL Sengno del Comando – Rituale http://www.ilsegnodelcomando.net/
Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars – Up Town Funk http://www.markronson.co.uk/#

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481 The SoupyGato Show


Queen BitchWild Hearts http://www.queenbitch.es/
The Celebration ArmyFlipside https://www.thecelebrationarmy.com/
The Syn14 Hour Technicolored Dream http://www.synmusic.net/

Then Melting PotSneaking Into Heaven http://www.meltingpotmusic.com/
Joe NormalSomethings Starting New http://www.joenormalusa.com/
Pontus H.W. Gunve ft Mira KovaesGelen http://gunve.com/

Joe Normal Bookend’s Theme http://www.joenormalusa.com/
King Jarthur & His LordsHotrod Hullballoo http://www.myspace.com/kingjartur
Prairie LizardsHey Paco http://www.prairielizards.com/
EsteeYou Are www.revernation.com/estee111

ColorstoneStone Temple http://colorstone.se/
Johnny Hate – Black Sparrow http://www.youtube.com/user/vivajohnnyhate
Pontus H.W. GunveLama Heart http://gunve.com/
Deltron 3030 ft The Lonely Planet Back in In The Day http://www.deltron3030.com/

Our techy tech tech Rich “We May Not Be Famous” Hamilton had his computer go kaput the other day,
We’ll get the embedding done soon as we can figure it out, anyone good at it please let me know :)
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please be cool
please be wise

had a Fab time talking to Steve Nardelli of The Syn today, we Jimi had his first London gig The Syn opened.
How cool is that??? Steve is also in charge of the first Eco-town want to learn more www.p3eco.com
hope ya’ll dig the show and tell a few friends.. peace…

480 The SoupyGato Show


Anthony Gomes – Delta Drag
(music behind talking is The Fabulous Master Bats Theme)

Mary Jennings – Metamorphosis
Nature Ganganbaigal – Legend on Horseback
Fort Knox Five – Mission to the Sitars

The Snipes – Remember Me
Tangle Mist – (Really Corny) Festival Song
Gaye Adegbalola & The Wild Rutz – Eye Candy

Natural Ganganbiagal – Hymn of the Earth
Mary Jennings – One Brick
Anthony Gomes – Turn it Up!
Wurly Pig ft Leanne Burton – 50 Shades of Gray (Stole My Love Away)

The Snipes – Goodnight Sweetheart
Gaye Adegbalola & TWR – The Skittles Blues

479 The SoupyGato Show


Hard The Transition – I’m Too Funky

The Blue Project – Requiem For The Working Man
Hasani Arthur ft Lemora – Building
Edward David Anderson – Lies & Wishes

Random Dander – Bodies In The Water
Leo & The Tolstoys – Monster
The Grus – Jupiter

Sick Note Tez – Molley Grey
Stewart The Busker – Wee Guy From Grangemouth (made up)
Random Dander – Don Juan Chu
Hasani Arthur & Dame-O – Midnight Bed

Hard The Transition – Big Cheese
Danny Petroni – Bradley Cove

We may not be Famous but we have Rich and he’ll be sorting this out soon
Hasani Arthur & Innovative Soundz ft Lemora it should read but I changed it just in hopes this looks a bit better for the time being.
Shows will be recorded on Tuesdays and posted Fridays now…
We hope that is not a problem for anyone πŸ˜‰
If it is, tell me
If it isn’t, tell a friend…
Next showcase is….. Tai Chi. music for, inspired by, named, made by master, teachers & students of 7 years and be at 490 The SGS
Looking for some interesting help that maybe becomes regular if goes well… we’ll hear (I typo-ed a T)
1st News Letter of the year as we hit the half way and 1 year ago friday we got back started
The SGS News-Letter will be put down & go out right about the time the Sun up & shining in,the window :)
(Rich please remove all but the ) #@#&

DOIE Do~waaaaah….see YA