463 The SoupyGato Show


Deltron 3030 ft The Lonely Island ~ Back In The Day

Andy Dale Petty ~ Frick’s Lament
Sarah McQuaid ~ Sweetness And Pain I
Sarah McQuaid ~ Walking Into White
Johnny Hate & Naive ~ Your Love Means Nothing To Me Now

Sandrine ~ Where Do We Go
Mohawk Radio ~ Curious Mortality
Betty Soo ~ Love Is Real
Judy Dyble ~ Black Dog Dream
Lucas Jack ~ Don’t Get Carried Away (Curtis)

Sarah McQuaid ~ Low Winter Sun
Andy Dale Petty ~ January Winds
Mohawk Radio ~ Drive You Down
Loosehounds ~ Don’t Give A Monkey A Gun
Sickness ~ Food For Worms
Deltron 3030 ft Joseph Gordon Levitt ~ Stardate

462 The SoupyGato Show

Borlealis ~ yAmino (Into the Boundary)

Chris Bejole ~ Only Love
Boo Boo Davis ~ Bye Bye Baby
Can Can Heads ~ Square With A Little Bit of Rectangle
Fightin Words ~ L T Dan
Xu Xu Fang ~ Noir State Beach

Solace In Exile ~ Temptation
Luis ~ Station Id
Mick James ~ 911…Guess What You Are Dead
The Nigel Purcell Trio ~ Walking
Tracy Newman ~ Fire Up The Weed
Bombay Dub Orchestra ~ Journey

Drive By Truckers ~ Shh Shots Count
Mouse Sucks ~ Yvette Of The Debbies

461 The SoupyGato Show

Graham Central Station ~ Welcome 2 Our World

Kelis ~ Friday Fish Fry
Run The Jewels feat. Boots ~ Early
The Wood Brothers ~ Keep Me Around

The Psychedelic Warlords ~ Lord Of Hornets
Johnny Society ~ Mr. Richardland’s Favorite Song
DoubleMe ~ Dr. Jekyall
Northstar ~ Troubadour

Paul Foley ~ Taliban
Free Spirit ~ Dew Of The Rose
Viking Krue ~ LOL
Reuben & The Dark ~ Rolling Stone
The Pink Diamond Revue ~ Final Meal

460 The SoupyGato Show


The Uncluded ~ Superhereos

Shelia Brody ~ Mississippi
The Midnight ~ Rose Of England
Slow Club ~ Suffering Me Suffering You

Mavis Staple with TNMAS ~ I’ve Been Buked
Lachi ~ It’s Our Time
Nina Jo Smith ~ Cosmic Lady
The Uncluded ~ Teleprompters

Maid Of Mettle ~ In The Garden
Moxy And The Influence ~ Vampire Valentine
The Lizabeth Sessions ~ Spirit Of Love
Lynda Law ~ Somebody Else’s Guy
Dyane ~ Illuminating

Nina Jo Smith ~ Out On a Limb

459 The SoupyGato Show


Sean Taylor ~ The Road
Miss Rabbit ~ Your Position
Sherpa ~ So Hard

Modest Midget ~ Secret Lies
Sendelica ~ Baalbek Stones
Spurious Transients ~ Under The Same Stars

The Baptist Generals ~ Turnunders & Overpasses
Sean Taylor ~ So High
Meadow Decor ~ Problem
Joe Pug ~ Hymn #101

Malasares ~ Spanish Eyes
Miss Rabbit ~ Inner Conflict