444 The SoupyGato Show

Jehoshaphat Blow ~ This Guy

AfroQBen ~ Dream The Impossible
RockTronix ~ Quicksand
JJ Soul ~ At The Mall
Dew ft Amy Ray ~ Stranglehold

EOTO ~ Higna
Superštajn ~ Superštajn
Pussy & The LearJets ~ Nothing Can Bring Me Down
JJ Soul ~ Bright Lights

PerkinksWood ~ Scribble Face
Scott Coner ~ Sanibel
RockTronix ~ Divide And Conquer

Jehoshaphat Blow ~ Toshi’s Girl

443 The SoupyGato Show

John Schooley ~ Double Neck Drag

L.U.M.E. ~ Lux
Snowy Shaw ~ Come To The / Sabbat
PigWar ~ Make It Right
Going After Zen ~ The Clarity Of An Absinthe Mind

Big Tobacco Company ~ Ripples
El Jefe ~ Geeked Up
John Schooley ~ The Man Who Rode A Mule Around The World

Astro Al ~ Vampire Hookers From Outerspace
Tim Jones & Rob Kirtley story by Daniel j Harris ~ Lethal Inspections
Snowy Shaw ~ he Book Of Heavy Metal

442 D The SoupyGato “Let the Artist Do the Talking” Showcase

New York Brogue ~ Sleeping Tune
The Lawn Grower ~ Waterfall 5
Fiona Joy feat Luka Bloom ~ Contemplation
Stranded 7 ~ Sickness
Soniq Theater ~ Pioneers & Heroes
Amy Schugar ~ 500 Miles Away
Debizi Cruz ~ Wicked Rule
Cambodian Space Project ~ Black To Gold
Fiona Joy ~ Naked Love
Kenny Mitchell ~ Ode To Cowboy Ed
Damon & Matthews ~ Didn’t Have To Know
Stephen Monroe ~ Waitin’ For My Train
Die Zorros ~ Good Bye Baby

442 C The SoupyGato “Let the Artist Do the Talking” Showcase

Fiona Joy ~ Tango On Wednesday
Dominic Gaudious ~ Big Bowl Of Jelly
7th Order ~ Force Of Nature Comes Down
Kendall Burks ~ The Real Thing
The Mimi Burns Band ~ Gypsy Dance
Nicki Kris ~ Beautiful
Tracy Newman ~ Carpool
Eliot ~ Not The Same To Me
World 5 ~ Heart Beat Of The World
The Beards ~ No Meaner Man

442 B The SoupyGato “Let the Artist Do the Talking” Showcase

Census Of Hallucinations ~ Signature
Poppa’s Kitchen ~ Candy Store
Jen’s Call-In
Etta Zero ~ Heaven Is Closer
Tennessee Larue ~ Lonsome
Tracy Newman ~ ? guess the title
Latin Faculty ~ Measuring The Marigolds
Maria Slovakova ~ BerryNess
Dave’s Call-In
Noah Peterson ~ Bump
Census Of Hallucinations ~ Reverend
Oxbow Lake Band ~ Soul Boo Ga Louie
Etta Zero ~ The Last of All Sunsets