6 The SoupyGato Smoke Break with Cellist Max Lilja


Max Lilja joins me to talk about his amazing new cd Morphosis and a lot more :)

We truly hope you enjoy this candid uncut (ok the 3 mins we ran to get coffee was removed), unscripted talk with virtuoso cellist and just a cool cat Max Lilja and pop on back Donderdag for 475 The SoupyGato Show and again next week another crazy-cool talk with Dirk VerSchure the creator of Dirk’s Bunny Book & Daily Bunny Blog  http://dirksbigbunnyblog.blogspot.nl/   soooo… please be cool & wise & I promise to do the same  …Do Doie Do~`wAH….. Daniel j Harris  see ya….



474 The SoupyGato Show


Ensemble Mihai Scarlat – Geamparalele

Doug MacLeod – Ain’t It Rough
Helen Thomas – Everybody Everywhere Stomp Your Feet
Isabel & The Uncommons – A Man That Can Drive
The Unclued – Earthquake

Broken Romeo – Raging Sea
A Simple Complex – Mr. Good Time
Hands Of Time – The Dark Ride

Ensemble Mihai Scarlat – La Casa cu trestioara
Doug MacLeod – Rock It Till The Cows Come Home
Revel 9 – Quietmind
Isabel & The Uncommons – City Girl

5 The SoupyGato Smoke Break with very Special Guest Rocky Dawuni (Full Talk, uncut, Unedited)


Cumbancha Artist Rocky Dawuni joins Host Daniel j Harris to talk about his just recently released cd Branches of the Same Tree.
* Taken from Rocky’s Site:
International music star and humanitarian activist Rocky Dawuni straddles the boundaries between Africa, the Caribbean and the U.S. to create an appealing sound that unites generations and cultures. With an easy-going charisma and reputation as a dedicated champion of social causes, Dawuni’s infectious grooves and dance-inducing anthems have consistently excited fans across the globe. A galvanizing performer, Dawuni has shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Bono, Jason Mraz, Janelle Monae and John Legend, among many others. Named one of Africa’s Top 10 global stars by CNN, he has showcased his talent at prestigious venues such as The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.
Branches of the Same Tree runs in it’s entirety behind the talking.
1 Shine A Light
2 Rock Your Soul
3 Black Star ft Samini
4 African Thriller
5 Children Of Abraham
6 We Never Stop
7 The Sign
8 Butterfly
9 Nairobi
10 Get Up, Stand Up
11 Island Girl

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473 The SoupyGato Show


Paul Maged – What is Peace Exitude

The 2 Bears – Mary Mary
The Celebration Army – Black Blue Jeans
Joy & JoVi – Seawinds

Le Vent Du Nord – Entre ciel et terre
Lamp Of The Universe – Utopian Seed
Breakthrough – In Stone

Michael Leonard Witham – Ordinary Hand
The Joy Evelation – What Ya Gonna Do
Albatre – Albatrossia

472 The SoupyGato Show


Chris & Kayla Day – The SoupyGato Theme

Dead Kittens – It Always Rains When I’m At The Zoo
TrainWreck – Tim Blankenship
Mike Stephens – Looking For A Boy

KMC – How’s Your Day
Adi Madans – Everest
Xavier Pandanes – El Cont dels Ocells

Martyn Bell Creativity Talks Station Id
Alice DiMicele – Swim
Bredan O’Shea – Smoke
SPACESEED – The Future

Les Claypool – D’s Diner
Danny Schmidt – Bad Year For Cane
Thubten Kway – Friends indeed