441 The SoupyGato Show

Follia! ~ (h)Eden

Tolerance ~ Blind Spot
Blind Mike Higdon ~ Call-In
Blind Mike Higdon ~ I’m In Love (With My Best Friend’s Mama)
ParadigM ~ War Whore ’64

Rausch ~ Good Day
Independent Radio Call-In
Vesa Peltonen ~ Shuffle Blues
Sean Hocking ~ Call-In
DJ Foundation ~ Ghad

Beau Austin ~ Cloudy Days
Arms Of Tripoli ~ Escalator Jazz
Howard Baily ~ The Wedge
Damon & Matthews ~ Didn’t Have To Know
The Monsters ~ Blow Um Mau Mau
Roc & Yella ~ Wide Open

440 The SoupyGato Show

Ron Westray ~ Purple Haze

New York Brogue ~ Queen Of Argyl
Latin Faculty ~¬†Thu ert…
Kenny Mitchell ~ Ode To Cowboy Ed

The Low Countries ~ Long Story Short
Whodunit ~ Welcome
Sick Logic ~ Nobody Likes A Smart Alec

Norwegian Woods II ~ Have A Little Faith In Me
New York Brogue ~ The Banks Of The Roses
Latin Faculty ~ Havana
The Low Countries ~ Wormwood Blues

Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden ~ Every Time We Say Goodbye
The Mimi Burns Band ~ Hidden Track

439 The SoupyGato Show

Kamini ~ The Rain

Maria Slovakova ~ Incomprehensible
Mount Meru ~ …Que La Terre Lui A Chuchote
Nicki Kris ~ Dream Big

Electric Bird Noise ~ Ten
The Emergency ~ The Night
Glenn Butterhorn ~ Little Betty Brown
Mystical Fullmoon ~ Omen (Capricorn Vibe)

Black Angel ~ Chelsea
G G.A.I.N. ~ Ride
Inna with Adi Perez ~ In Your Eyes

Spork Kills ~ Blast From The Past
Maria Slovakova ~ Beauty And The Beast
Judge Trev ~ Ole

438 The SoupyGato Show

Etta Zero ~ Heartbeats

Bart Wirtz ft Sean Jones ~ We Are The State
Ballake’ Sissoko ~ Nalesonko
Andru Bemis ~ Crawdad

Abscondo ~ I Created
Hannes Minnar ~ Fantasia On A Theme
Vitamin Wig C ~ Ouroboros Nevada
Etta Zero ~ The Downfall Factory

Kendall Burks/Ross Trottier ~ Prayer From The Bastille
Jimmy Devlin/Charlie Heaney ~ Keeping All Your Secrets
Far East Movement ~ Movement

437 The SoupyGato Show

The Mimi Burns Band ~ Netherland
Teddy Presberg ~ El Fin
Pinkemincal Sunset ~ Change
Dubmatix ft Prince Blanco ~ Anarchy In The U.K.

The Urchins ~ I Feel A Fall Coming
Emporium ~ Funeral
The Floozies ~ Booger Bear
Jesus Chrusler Supercar ~ Full Blown Hell

Reykjavictim ~ Cat Food
Croup feat. Supastion ~ The Declaration
Dubmatix feat. Prince Blanco ~ 7 Nation Amy
The Boot Inn Band ~ Ahoy Ahoy, Come On Roy
Pinkemical Sunset ~ Paranoia