454 The SoupyGato Show

Moreor ~ Downfall Path

Kadooge ~ My Shell
Sheila Brody ft Chuck D ~ Everything
Ape Machine ~ Hold Your Tongue

Colorstone ~ Gotta Groove
Ben & Ellen Harper ~ I’ll Learn It All Again Tomorrow
The Alpine Camp ~ The Day Is Done
The Alpine Camp ~ Strange West
Annette Conlon ~ Mash-Up Mix-Down

The Nirvana Star & Strip Group ~ Head
Odesza ~ Sundara
Deap Valley ~ Gonna Make My Own Money

Moreor ~ Invocation
Colorstone ~ Like A Whisper
Kadooge ~ Stuck On The Wall

453 The SoupyGato Show


Wax Tailor ~ Masquerade Theme

Tom Moriarty ~ Finding A Better Way
Tom Vek ~ A Mistake
Tricky ft Blue Daisy ~ My Palestine Girl

The Porters ~ Barfly
Malasaners ~ For A Pint
The Mahones ~ The Fight And The Hunger

Rat Catching ~ Box
Brill ~ O Song
bWreck ~ Mowing Air

The Movie Star Junkies ~ Please Come Home
Wax Tailor ~ Dusty Rainbow

452 The SoupyGato Show

The Uncluded ~ Superheroes

Bahamas ~ All The Time
Atmosphere ~ Bob Seger
The Uncluded ~ Delicate Cycle

Steve Arrington ~ Funk And Roll Junky
Metã Metã ~ Man Feiman
The 2 Bears ~ Run Run

Greenbeard ~ Eris
Secular Pains ~ Still Shaking
Census Of Hallucinations ~ Conspiracy To Silence

Johnny Reed ~ Live For The Moment

451 The SoupyGato Show

Bobby Bare Jr. ~ Bionic Brain

Michael Leonard Witham ~ Defective Heart
Rääs & Orchestra Liechtenstein ~ d’Erinnereg an Früahleg
SpitAnger ~ Backstabber
Two Loons For Tea ~ Monkey

Terry Lee Bolton ~ Dusty Road (live)
Le Poisson ~ Outside Girl
Bright Blue Gorilla ~ Greed
Teddy Tahu Rhodes ~ Aus Aus

Michael Leonard Witham ~ Down For Good
Incandesced ~ Graft
Blindside Thunder ~ Tequila
Aubergine Machine ~ Sundown

450 The SoupyGato 3 Hour Show


Kissin’ Black ~ Heart Over Head

Ashbury Keys ~ Lonely Sunday
The Great Escape ~ Rebel
Todd Snider ~ The Ballad Of The Kingsman
Stud ~ Raise Your Fists

Joy Collins ~ It Ain’t Just Music
Stop Press ~ Somewhere Far
Joe Gande ~ Godsend
Dream Aria ~ Carnival Of Souls

Sleeze ~ Techno
Bureau Bizar ~ Hvorfor
Ron Ireland ~ Crazy Boy
Little Stevie & The FatRatz ~ They Won’t Come Around Here

The Cornlious Crane ~ Soul In The Lightening
The Outskirts ~ Renata Renata
Bright Blue Gorilla ~ Wings Of You
Billy Evens ~ I Can Feel You Close

Le Poissen ~ Waves
The Dead Brothers ~ So Wars, So Ists Und So Wirds Bleiben
Hard Logic ~ Drainfunk
Federico ~ One Taste

Snowy Shaw ~ Thyphon
Babilonci ~ Tri Cicka U Kosi
Origami Arkita ~ Det Syng For Storgut
Sand Timer ~ Ouroborous
Tolerance ~ The Greatest Plan (When Time Stops)