477 The SoupyGato Show


Lionel Ziblat & TMPO – Fuseli-Main Theme

Hurray For The Riff Raff – The Body Electric
Al Berkowitz – How Could We Get Ourselves Lost
Kevin Heard – Future History

Luis Drayton – Breeder Queen
Janiva Magness – Mountain
Dos Ringos – KY Women
Shotgun Valium – White Horse

Poppa’s Kitchen – All You Love And All You Know
Steakhouse – Spider Bite
Tingle In The Netherlands – Consolidate
NLF3 – Comets

7Sleeper – Sleepers
Lionel Ziblat & The Multi-Polar Orchestra – Angles In Conflict
Tommy CCT – So Much To Be Thankful For

We had some inter-net troubles yesterday. The websites will be embedded later today,
Just wanted to get the show up. As it was late already :0 Oh Life…
Doing our best to keep things up and smooth the best we can
With the Health and Tech issues of late..
Please be Cool…
Please be Wise…
The SoupyGato Show Family…

476 The SoupyGato Show


The Fabulous Master Bats – Theme

LATTE+ – Teenage Schiziod
The Voluntears – Feels Like Home
The Deadline Shakes – Phone Calls From The Shower

The Dead Brothers – Black Moose
The Bastard Faries – Apple Pie
Paradox One – The Unknown Unknowns

Steve Bastado & The Ablert Hoffman Experince – Petrol & Bombs
Queen Bitch – Lousy Dice
Children of the Grave – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

475 The SoupyGato Show


Nick Didkovsky – Orchid

New Providence – Pulling Teeth
Kyle Cousins – Heaven & Hell
Otis Clay – The Only Way Is Up

The Insight – Give Me A Chance
The Art Of Escaping – Help My Lungs To Breathe
Birdie Jones – Waste My Time

Jonny Barber – Delilah’s Barber Shop
Adam Balbo – I Like You
Tim Jones – Beautiful Rose
Tanzan Music Academy – Neon Knights

Ummagma – 1+1=3
Judy Dyble – Ask Aunt Judy Questions-Answers
Elan Melher – Being Here, There

6 The SoupyGato Smoke Break with Cellist Max Lilja


Max Lilja joins me to talk about his amazing new cd Morphosis and a lot more :)

We truly hope you enjoy this candid uncut (ok the 3 mins we ran to get coffee was removed), unscripted talk with virtuoso cellist and just a cool cat Max Lilja and pop on back Donderdag for 475 The SoupyGato Show and again next week another crazy-cool talk with Dirk VerSchure the creator of Dirk’s Bunny Book & Daily Bunny Blog  http://dirksbigbunnyblog.blogspot.nl/   soooo… please be cool & wise & I promise to do the same  …Do Doie Do~`wAH….. Daniel j Harris  see ya….



474 The SoupyGato Show


Ensemble Mihai Scarlat – Geamparalele

Doug MacLeod – Ain’t It Rough
Helen Thomas – Everybody Everywhere Stomp Your Feet
Isabel & The Uncommons – A Man That Can Drive
The Unclued – Earthquake

Broken Romeo – Raging Sea
A Simple Complex – Mr. Good Time
Hands Of Time – The Dark Ride

Ensemble Mihai Scarlat – La Casa cu trestioara
Doug MacLeod – Rock It Till The Cows Come Home
Revel 9 – Quietmind
Isabel & The Uncommons – City Girl