485 The SoupyGato Show (Buddy Guy’s B-day!)


Cookie RabinowtizBroad St Buddha

Buddy GuyThick Like Mississippi Mud
Tracy BonhamWax & Gold
Lota RedReason

The VoluntearsAnd I Know
Nathaniel Rateiff & The Night SweetsS.O.B
Buddy GuyCrazy World

Flying Cape ExperienceMorphosis
Tracy BonhamPapa, Show Me How To Fly
Cookie RabinowtizSelf Loathing

Napolleon Rendezvous
Hell FreaksSpur 5

484 The SoupyGato Show


The Infant CyclePope

Al BerKowitzThe French Man & The Rabbit Men
Lights That Change Voices
The Creeping Ivies Whitch House

Maff Walking On Fire
The Kung Fu LoversKung Fu Love
The Love BuzzardsGet It

The ForesWhispering Winds
LaPiramidediSangue – Locuste
Aria ElanFree Mama Earth

A Tribe Called Red ft HellnbackThe People’s Champ

8 The SoupyGato Smoke Break (Rated R)


8 The SoupyGato Smoke Break (Rated R for Adult Language)
Recorded 22-7-15
Posted 22-7-15
Due to my operation and all the tech issues I used some 4 letter Vocabulary.

Critical Bill – Who The F*ck http://www.criticalbill313.com/
Dave – Give You & 5 to kill Freebird
Kung Fu Lovers – Don’t Be Afraid of Detroit http://www.sonicbids.com/band/the-kung-fu-lovers/

Bacchus Baracus – F*ck Knows Men http://www.bacchusbaracus.com/
Arms of Tripoli – Velcro Thunder F*ck http://armsoftripoli.yolasite.com/
theZim & Arock – F*cked On You http://www.thezim.com/
Run The Jewels ft Zach Del La Rocha – Close Your Eyes (And count To F*ck)http://www.runthejewels.net
Adam Balbo – F*cked Up As It Is https://sites.google.com/site/adambalbo/

484 tomorrow, and things are getting back on track!
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7 The SoupyGato Smoke Break with Steve Nardelli of The Syn


To Start the show Break Down The Walls
Talk With Steve
To end the show Big Sky

It was a true pleasure to speak with Steve and hear of the legendary gig opening up for Jimi
But it was also wonderful to hear of the Eco-Town and so much more.
Have had some recent tech issues so I’m just going to get this posted before it gets and later.
Check out The Syn at
Learn more about the Eco-Town at:

And this episode is dedicated to the memory of founding The Syn and Yes Bassist Chris Squire
rest in peace

483 The SoupyGato Show


Id&Co – Chance Encounter http://www.silbermedia.com/

ScaredFire with Davidji – Healing Flow www.sacredfiremusic.com
Root Deco – Doctor http://www.rootdeco.com/
Sophie Anderson – The Doctor https://soundcloud.com/sophieanderson-2
Meridian Brothers – Doctor Trompeta http://meridianbrothers.com/

Bison Machine – Speed of Darkness https://bisonmachine.bandcamp.com/
The Pocket Gods – The Starry Earth http://www.nubmusic.net/
Rodney Cromwell The Blue Cloud http://www.happyrobots.co.uk/
Shadow & Mirrors – Christian Woman https://soundcloud.com/shadows-mirrors

Davidji – Bonus Lecture Ayurudic Immersion http://davidji.com/

Sorry this is late but the operation went well.